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We’ve been at this for more than 40 years.

Whether you were hurt in a car accident or are seeking justice for a loved one who suffered a brain injury, we have the experience to fight on your behalf. Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers in Issaquah have prosecuted all types of personal injury cases, and we’re ready to fight for you. Allow us to take over the legalities so you can focus on getting better.

We want you to know what’s going on.

In situations like this, trust is of the essence. We want to replace your confusion with clarity by keeping you informed. Throughout every stage of your case, we’ll see to it that you understand exactly where we are in reaching your goals.

We care about your well-being.

The pain you’re experiencing probably isn’t just physical. The emotional and mental damage brought on by an injury can be just as tough to overcome. That’s why we make every effort to handle the legal stuff so you can concentrate in on a full recovery from the inside out.

Meet Your Legal Team

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The Pearson Promise: When you choose the Pearson Law Firm, you can expect expert representation rooted in kindness for your situation and backed by over 60 years of combined practice. Our Issaquah car and truck accident attorney team values building positive relationships with our clients. Because of this, we aim to really hear your voice and demystify the legal process. We want to make sure you feel safe as we work towards getting you the results you deserve.

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Types of Injuries We Handle

Let's build a unique solution to match your unique situation.

Personal Injury

As personal injury attorneys, we handle all types of cases in which your physical, mental, or emotional security is put at risk.

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Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause strain on your body, mind, and finances. Allow us to help ensure you’re properly compensated.

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Brain Injuries

If you’ve experienced chronic headaches or a loss of motor skills after an accident, you may have suffered a brain injury. We can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I talk to the other
driver's insurance company?

After a car accident, you may feel at a loss as to which steps to take first, and whether to take certain steps at all. Fortunately, we have answers to common personal injury questions.

No. You should talk not to their insurance provider, until you consult an attorney. You have no legal obligation to communicate with the other party's insurance carrier.

Any communication could have a negative effect on your case and could impact how much compensation you receive. Getting an attorney involved right away can help alleviate some of these issues. We take the time to understand your case and represent you against all adversarial interests

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Notable Cases

Your Legal resource & guide
Courthouse icon Our top priority is making sure you understand your rights and options, and making recommendations to help you make your own decisions. After all, it's your case — not ours.

The last thing you want to worry about is if you can trust your legal representation after hiring a car or truck accident attorney. At the Pearson Law Firm, we give sound legal advice. Whether you’re looking to settle a claim or file a lawsuit, we have the experience needed to help get results. Our expert personal injury lawyers based in Issaquah proudly serve the entire state of Washington.

Here to guide you — not take over

The goal of our accident attorney team in Issaquah is to help you achieve your goals. For that reason, we make sure your voice is heard and you understand your options. Our expertise is designed to guide you in the right direction. Tell us what happened, and we’ll find a solution — even if that means recommending your case to someone else.

Invested in you as a person, not a case number

“How am I going to pay for everything?” “Will this be a long process?” “Do I even have a case?” We often hear questions like this, and we get it: you’re human, you’re hurt, and you want answers. We genuinely care about you as a person and take every precaution to handle you and your case with care.

Ready to fight for you in or out of court

Yes, we’re friendly advocates to our clients. At the same time, we’re tough litigators to those who stand in your way. We believe in fighting for what’s right and what’s fair. So, regardless of whether your case requires a courtroom or not, our team of personal injury lawyers in Issaquah have got your back.