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The Design of a Courtroom

Courtrooms are designed so the people participating experience a sense of importance in the legal process. Jurors sit in what we refer to as a “box”, which is a set of chairs surrounded by a small partition.  The partition certainly isn’t necessary – people could sit in benches behind the lawyers and still see and hear everything.  The […]


Picking the right personal injury attorney

Picking a personal injury attorney is an art, because on the surface most of them look exactly the same.  Peel away a layer or two, and you will find that there are infinite differences. All evidence to the contrary, lawyers are people; people with strengths and weaknesses.  The lawyers who introduce themselves (either in person or in their […]


Settling a personal injury claim without a lawyer

Perspective clients with personal injury claims often ask me, “Can’t I just do this on my own?” Despite the singular goal of my profession (to get clients), my response is often, “Sure.  You bet you can.  Absolutely.”  Lest you think I leave it at that, let me share with you how I follow up on […]

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Supreme Court drops opportunity to fix ERISA subrogation

Last week the Supreme Court of the United States issued its opinion in the ERISA Subrogation case US Airways vs. McCutcheon.  The case was about the victim of an auto collision that recovered money from the at-fault driver that hit him.  The victim’s health plan paid for the medical treatment necessary to treat the injuries […]