Property Damage

If you are involved in a car accident it is likely that two questions will cross your mind: “Am I okay?” and “Is my vehicle okay?” The answers to these questions will play a big role in what you do next. If you are fortunate enough to escape personal injuries, your primary focus will lie with the damage to your vehicle. Either way, you will contact your insurance company and make a claim against your auto insurance policy.

A Washington State Attorney is Important

While calling your insurance company is logical in this situation, contacting a Seattle area property damage attorney is also a wise move. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the terms of your auto insurance policy, or the policy of others involved in the accident, there are many different directions your claim could take. If it is apparent that others involved in the accident were responsible for the property damage, it is that person’s and their insurance company’s responsibility to take care of the property damage and also compensate you for your inconvenience, including providing you with a rental car while your own vehicle is being assessed and either repaired or replaced.

Sometimes the answers to the questions surrounding the damage are not always clear-cut. By working with a Washington State attorney, the specifics of your case can be better defined and the appropriate insurance company will be asked to provide you with the compensation you need. At Pearson Law Firm in Issaquah, we have more than 60 years’ combined experience in resolving civil justice disputes, including property damage cases. Our experience spans across Washington State, so wherever the accident happened in King County, we are ready to answer your questions about your next move.

Pearson Law Firm Provides Personal Service

At the core of Pearson Law Firm, you will find committed attorneys with strong ties to Washington State and King County. Pearson Law Firm was first founded by Attorney Jerry Pearson in 1981 and through his decades of experience, he has developed strong relationships with other attorneys both in Washington State and across the country. Jerry has spent most of his life in the area, and graduated from Issaquah High School, not far from where the firm is located today. He is authorized to practice law in both Arizona and Washington State in both trial and appellate courts.