Insurance Misconduct Attorneys in Issaquah, Washington

When you buy insurance you expect it to protect you from the fall out of a car crash, a devastating home fire, disability from work, or other life-changing loss. You send in your premium every month secure in the thought that if something goes wrong, at least you have insurance.

Unfortunately, insurance companies look for ways not to pay legitimate claims that are clearly covered by the policy you purchased. The Pearson Law firm has represented many people whose insurance company fails to live up to its side of the insurance contract, known as “bad faith.” Common ways insurance companies act in “bad faith” include:

Delay in processing and paying claims.

The insurance company has a duty to promptly process and pay your claim. Any delay benefits the insurance company, but may be disastrous to you as you struggle to recover from your injury or damage.

Denial of a claim without justification.

If your claim is denied, the company must provide you a specific reason for the denial based on their review of all claim aspects.

 Inequitable settlement offer.

Insurance companies are notorious for offering a settlement that may be so inadequate it does not even cover your loss. The company assumes you will think some money is better than no money.

Unreasonable and incorrect interpretation of the terms of the policy.

Insurance contracts often are written in technical language and legalese. Companies may try to put an interpretation on a clause that is different than the contract.

If you live in Washington State and believe you are being treated unfairly, or have recently been treated unfairly by your insurance company, contact one of our attorneys at the Pearson Law Firm. Attorney Jerry Pearson, Attorney Michele Pearson and Attorney Steven L. Shaw.

Our attorneys have expertise in dealing with insurance misconduct and with the Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act. The ultimate settlement of a claim against an insurance company depends on, among other things, the legal interpretation of the language used in the insurance contract. You need an experienced attorney to help you find your way through this legal maze.

Your first consultation is provided free of charge. We will review the facts of your case and the relevant law and advise you on how to proceed. We have been helping people in Seattle, King County and Issaquah for decades.