Picking the right personal injury attorney

Picking a personal injury attorney is an art, because on the surface most of them look exactly the same.  Peel away a layer or two, and you will find that there are infinite differences.

All evidence to the contrary, lawyers are people; people with strengths and weaknesses.  The lawyers who introduce themselves (either in person or in their marketing) as ‘super heroes’ who will ‘handle your claim like no other’ are to be carefully evaluated.  While they may think themselves super-human, more often than not they are compensating for something they lack.

The best personal injury attorneys I have ever met or worked with, were the unassuming type.  You would hardly recognize them as lawyers.  They wear comfortable clothes (not $2000 suits), drive reasonable cars, and would rather spend time with their families than jet off to some exotic locale.

What I believe makes them good at what they do, is they know how to connect with people – real people – the kind of people that end up as jurors in trial.  Put someone with a fake tan and veneers in front of a jury box, and they will have to work twice as hard to relate to the good folks seated in front of them.  Talking to people about real issues, real problems, and helping them understand a client’s loss should not devolve into a song and dance, or a play on people’s emotions – it should be straight talk.

If you find yourself looking for a personal injury attorney, keep in mind that you need to relate to the one you choose as much as they will need to relate to potential jurors down the road.  Pick one you like, not one that tries to impress you.  Pick one that wants you to understand what’s happening, and what can be done to make things better.  Pick one that you would be happy to call your friend when the case is over.

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