Auto collision resulting in multiple injuries

A driver failed to yield and crashed into a moving car, causing spinal injuries that were only diagnosed after multiple healthcare referrals. Litigation was required because the employer corporation of the negligent driver was denying the claim and the severity of the injury.

Our client authorized litigation to obtain and exhaust multiple layers of insurance coverage.

Motorcycle/gravel truck collision

A motorcycle rider passed uphill across a double yellow line, but the gravel truck on his right was making a left turn without signaling. The truck struck the motorcycle rider and caused his paralysis.

A substantial, but undisclosed settlement was awarded after litigation.

Chemical plant explosion

An Eastern Washington chemical plant operated under clear federal and state safety violations by omitting mechanical integrity and maintenance services. A resulting release of toxic chemicals caused multiple deaths and injuries to workers, and created a cloud of destructive gases on the countryside. In an effort to hold the parent and subsidiary corporations liable as well as to persuade the State of Washington to adequately regulate and enforce state safety standards, our firm filed three lawsuits – two in state court and one in Federal Court.

Our firm continues to work on this case for the affected families who seek fairness and justice, and that their efforts might contribute to better industrial safety.

$1 Million Settlement at Mediation

A used vehicle with a defective transmission sold by a dealer “as is” caused paralysis to the new owner when the transmission spontaneously jumped from park to reverse.

The litigation resulted in a policy limits settlement in the amount of $1 million.

Food Borne Illness

The Washington State Department of Health investigated and confirmed that over fifty workers were infected with E. Coli from eating contaminated food served to them at a conference center buffet. Various severities of injury occurred depending on the health and stamina of the conference attendees.

Extended litigation produced a collective six figure settlement, despite the defense requirement for a non-disclosure agreement from any injured worker who accepted their offer.

$2.2 Million Verdict

An unsafe overhead crane scale that weighed several hundred pounds suspended with wire rope components but no safety chains fell on a worker. This resulted in severe post concussion syndrome and spinal injuries. After other law firms rejected the claim saying that it lacked merit.

Our firm obtained a multi-million dollar jury verdict in Snohomish County, and the award eventually was paid after the defendant’s appeal.

Interference with physician-patient relationship

A case manager made defamatory comments about the attending surgeon and his attempts to aggressively direct the treatment and care for an injured worker. Our firm sued the case manager on behalf of the physician as well as the patient.

We reached an undisclosed settlement, which resulted in the case manager’s termination of services and improved protection for the other workers.

Work-related injury conflicts with State

The State of Washington informed an injured worker that his Worker’s Compensation benefits were suspended until he spent enough of his own money on his workplace injury related treatment.

Our firm challenged the State’s right to impair or take this benefit, which was his property. We worked to clarify and alter the law as it affects injured workers and their families.