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Motor Vehicle Collision

We all try to be careful on the road, but all it takes for a crash is a single second. Maybe it’s a patch of ice, or the baby crying, or a bit of reflection on that bad day at work. Sometimes the cause is something more preventable, like having a drink or two before getting behind the wheel, or taking that call on a cell phone. And of course, it may not be you who is at fault. It could be the other driver who made the mistake.

A Law Firm on Your Side

If you live in Washington State and have been in a crash, Pearson Law Firm can help. Since 1977, Pearson Law Firm has demonstrated a firm commitment to the people of Washington State by focusing on civil justice matters. All of the attorneys at the Pearson Law Firm have dedicated themselves to representing only individuals, not corporations, not insurance companies…only victims.

Experience and Dedication

Attorney Jerry Pearson has lived in the area most of his life and even graduated from Issaquah High School. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, and his J.D. from Brigham Young’s J. Reuben Clark Law School in 1977. Before college, Jerry spent three years on active duty serving as a United States Marine in Vietnam. His varied legal credentials include memberships in the Washington State Association for Justice, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, King County Bar Association and American Association For Justice. He is licensed in both Washington and Arizona, and represents clients in both State and Federal Appellate Courts.

Personal Injury Attorneys Make the Difference

When a Seattle motor vehicle collision happens, chaos ensues. Physical injuries can range from whiplash or sudden back problems to extensive hospital stays, surgery, physical therapy, or worse. In the middle of all that pain and suffering, you are somehow expected to take on numerous medical bills, get the time off work you need, deal with the reduction of income, make a claim with your insurance company, and possibly with another insurance company, and often argue with the insurance companies about what type of settlement will cover your injuries and expenses.

Too often, insurance companies know you are “the little guy” and know you are in a vulnerable position. When you walk into the situation alone, it is likely that those insurance companies will try and take advantage. When you are represented by Pearson Law Firm, your insurance company is more likely to present you with a fair offer in the first place, and if they do not we are the Issaquah firm prepared to fight for what you deserve.

If you have been in a motor vehicle collision in Washington State, contact Pearson Law Firm as soon as possible for a free initial consultation.

Medical Negligence

When you go to a health care provider, you expect good treatment for your condition. Unfortunately, medical mistakes occur. A study in the fall 2013 issue of the Journal of Patient Safety states that between 210,000 and 440,000 patients go to hospitals for care, but instead suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death.

Some of the most common types of errors include:


Misdiagnosis. In a recent case, a young woman with a severe headache was sent home from the emergency room. She was diagnosed with a migraine headache. She died shortly after due to an aneurysm, which had been the cause of her headache.

Failure to diagnose. After a breast exam, a woman is told she is fine only to discover a few months later she has breast cancer that should have been detected at the time of the breast exam.

Medication errors. The wrong medication may be prescribed that fails to treat the disease and in addition causes unwarranted side effects. The right medication is prescribed in the wrong dosage. Two medications are prescribed that interact with each other in a toxic way. Too much anesthesia is given or the administration of anesthesia is not properly monitored.

Medical mistakes. The wrong limb has been amputated. A baby may suffer preventable injuries at birth. Materials are left inside the body during surgery.

Preventable errors can be devastating to individuals and families and the path to holding the providers accountable is a tough one. If you have been injured, or someone you love has been injured or died and you suspect medical malpractice, you need to consult an attorney.

All of our personal injury attorneys, including Attorney Jerry Pearson, his partner Attorney Michele Pearson and associate Attorney Steven L. Shaw, provide you a free consultation in order to evaluate the facts of your case. If you have been harmed and prefer one of us to come to you instead of coming to the office, we can arrange that. We can even visit you in the hospital.

The Pearson Law Firm has successfully represented clients in all of Washington State including Seattle, King County, Pierce County, Mason County, Snohomish County, and Issaquah. Call us today.

Nursing Home Neglect

Entrusting the care of loved ones to other in a skilled nursing home or skilled nursing facility is not easy. You have to trust the facility to take adequate care of them, provide them medical care, not abuse them, respect them, and treat them with dignity. It can be devastating when you discover that trust has been violated and your loved one has suffered some type of abuse or neglect.

Unfortunately, no matter how diligently you may have searched for just the right place, loved ones still may suffer abuse, neglect and medical malpractice. Reports reveal that approximately 10 percent of the 3.2 million elderly people that live in nursing homes in the U.S. are physically abused or neglected by their caretakers.

This statistic is misleading in that it represents only the incidents that are reported. The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) estimates that an overwhelming number of such incidents go unreported.

According to the American Association of Justice, 90 percent of all nursing homes are understaffed to a degree that they cannot provide adequate care. This understaffing results in injury or abuse and neglect such as:

Malnutrition, hunger and even starvation.

Pressure sores due to lying or sitting in one position too long.

Medication errors including overdoses as well as missed medications.

Pain and suffering due to inadequate response to reports of pain.

Infections due to neglect and inadequate medical treatment.

Sprains, broken bones and even death due to falls.

Sometimes those in the nursing home business put profit over those who are in their care. The business saves money by simply neglecting proper staffing.

The Pearson Law Firm represents Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility residents and their families when care has turned to abuse and neglect. The firm represents clients in all of Washington State, including Seattle, King County and Issaquah.

If you believe your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home, you need the experience and expertise of one of our personal injury attorneys, Attorney Jerry Pearson, Attorney Michele Pearson or Attorney Steven L. Shaw. They offer a free consultation in order to review the facts of your case. They will fight to be sure you and your loved one get the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Misconduct

When you buy insurance you expect it to protect you from the fall out of a car crash, a devastating home fire, disability from work, or other life-changing loss. You send in your premium every month secure in the thought that if something goes wrong, at least you have insurance.

Unfortunately, insurance companies look for ways not to pay legitimate claims that are clearly covered by the policy you purchased. The Pearson Law firm has represented many people whose insurance company fails to live up to its side of the insurance contract, known as “bad faith.” Common ways insurance companies act in “bad faith” include:

Delay in processing and paying claims.

The insurance company has a duty to promptly process and pay your claim. A delay benefits the insurance company, but may be disastrous to you as you struggle to recovery from your injury or damage.

Denial of a claim without justification.

If your claim is denied, the company must provide you a specific reason for the denial based on their review of all claim aspects.

Inequitable settlement offer.

Insurance companies are notorious for offering a settlement that may be so inadequate it does not even cover your loss. The company assumes you will think some money is better than no money.

Unreasonable and incorrect interpretation of the terms of the policy.

Insurance contracts often are written in technical language and legalese. Companies may try to put an interpretation on a clause that is different than the original interpretation.

If you live in Washington State and believe you are being treated unfairly, or have recently been treated unfairly by your insurance company, contact one of our attorneys at the Pearson Law Firm. Attorney Jerry Pearson, Attorney Michele Pearson and Attorney Steven L. Shaw.

Our attorneys all have expertise in dealing with insurance misconduct and with the Washington Insurance Fair Conduct Act. The ultimate settlement of a claim against an insurance company depends on, among other things, the legal interpretation of the language used in the insurance contract. You need an experienced attorney to help you find your way through this legal maze.

Your first consultation is provided free of charge. We will review the facts of your case and the relevant law and advise you on how to proceed. We have been helping people in Seattle, King County and Issaquah for decades.

Property Damage


If you are involved in a car accident it is likely that two questions will cross your mind: “Am I okay?” and “Is my vehicle okay?” The answers to these questions will play a big role in what you do next. If you are fortunate enough to escape personal injuries, your primary focus will lie with the damage to your vehicle. Either way, likely you will contact your insurance company and make a claim against your auto insurance policy.

A Washington State Attorney is Important

While calling your insurance company is logical in this situation, contacting a Seattle area property damage attorney is also a wise move. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the terms of your auto insurance policy, or the policy of others involved in the accident, there are many different directions your claim could take. If it is apparent that others involved in the accident were responsible for the property damage, it is that person’s and their insurance company’s responsibility to take care of the property damage and also compensate you for your inconvenience, including providing you with a rental car while your own vehicle is being assessed and either repaired or replaced.

Sometimes the answers to the questions surrounding the damage are not always clear cut. By working with a Washington State attorney, the specifics of your case can be better defined and the appropriate insurance company will be asked to provide you with the compensation you need.
At Pearson Law Firm in Issaquah, we have more than 30 years’ experience in resolve civil justice disputes, including property damage cases. Our experience spans across Washington State, so wherever the accident happened in King County, we are ready to answer your questions about your next move.

Pearson Law Firm Provides Personal Service

At the core of Pearson Law Firm you will find committed attorneys with strong ties to Washington State and King County. Pearson Law Firm was first founded by Attorney Jerry Pearson in 1977 and through his decades of experience, he has developed strong relationships with other attorneys both in Washington State and across the country. Jerry has spent most of his life in the area, and graduated from Issaquah High School, not far from where the firm is located today. He is authorized to practice law in both Arizona and Washington State in both trial and appellate courts.