How do I pay you?

In most cases, we do not ask for fees in advance. If we are able to recover money for you, you pay us a predetermined amount at the time of settlement or verdict/judgment. The rest goes to you and others you might have to repay. This kind of agreement is referred to as a Contingency Fee – our fee is contingent on the outcome of our efforts on your behalf.

What kinds of cases do you accept?

We accept cases where someone has been injured through negligence of others, or their property has been damaged, and that person is seeking compensation for those harms or losses. Car crashes, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, defective products, slip and falls – these are just some of the cases that we take.

How long does it take to receive the money from a settlement?

This question can only be answered after a complete investigation of the facts and circumstances; the date the damage happened, how long it has taken to fix what was broken or injured, who is at fault, and whether we will need to start a lawsuit. Simple cases can become complex and take a long time, and complex cases can resolve more quickly than expected. There is no hard and fast rule. There are different time limits for different cases, so do not wait to contact us if you think you have a claim for injury or damage.

Do I really need a lawyer?

Some cases do not need a lawyer. However, too many people try to make claims on their own only to miss something important, or they get frustrated and abandon their claim. We take the time to understand each claim we consider and are willing to look at yours to tell you if we can help.

Does the person who caused an injury pay for my medical bills?

When you are injured by someone else, you usually need medical treatment right away. Because of that, you should always rely on your own medical insurance (if you have it) to pay for the immediate medical treatment you need. Once you have completed your injury-related medical treatment, the total bills are sent to the person who was at fault, along with any other costs connected with your injury (wage loss, pain, disability), in a demand for payment.

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